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Welcome to Bobby's Bar

Bobby's Bar is the perfect bar to enjoy the best cocktails and gin&tonics. The bartenders are passionate, well trained and ready to make you the cocktail or gin&tonic of your dreams. The menu has something for everyone, changes every season and also includes delicious appetizers to go with your drink. Bobby's Bar is a hip and cozy bar where you can relax with your friends, family or colleagues. Currently there are five locations in Brabant. You will always find Bobby's Bar in the center of a vibrant city with a cosy terrace. Bobby's Bar is open seven days a week. With Bobby's on the Road, Bobby's also comes to your house or company.

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We serve the best cocktails and gin&tonics!

Steenweg, Helmond

Kleine Berg, Eindhoven

Stratumseind, Eindhoven

Snellestraat, Den Bosch

Spanjaardsgat, Breda

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Something to celebrate? Our yellow Bobby's cocktail bus is comething to your home or business!

Something to celebrate? Our yellow Bobby's cocktail bus is coming to your home or business! Entierly in style our bartender makes the most delicious drinks for you and your family and friends. So you can enjoy delicious cocktails and gin&tonics in Bobby's style! Feel like having a drink while enjoying a snack? Bobby's also offers various appetizer packages.

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Are you looking for a fun activity to do together with your friends, family or colleagues? Book one of our workshops or tastings! The experienced Bobby's Bartenders will tell you all about the best flavor combinations and techniques we use to make our cocktails. During our tastings you'll taste different gins and our experts will tell you more about the background of the gin. 

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Surprise yourself or someone else with unique Bobby's Bar merchandise, like our complete cocktail set and shake the most delicious Bobby's drinks at home in Bobby's style!

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